Glassing the Woodsman

Not very good with journal posts…

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…but suffice to say that I’m posting way more often and I’m hoping to make that a more regular thing.

I had an amazing holiday and recently, I’ve had a lot more time to work on projects. I hope I can do lots more soon :D

Also, now engaged to my long-time best friend and never been happier ^^. 2013′s starting out very nicely.

I hope it is for you guys too!


Mass Effect!

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Hey again!

Again delays but Im hoping to be able to draw more regularly. After a rough end of 2012, I really think things are looking better and brighter. Also, started playing Mass Effect and I have to say that Im hooked o_o

I doodled this for someone incredibly special to me…Im hoping I can draw more things soon. Keep checking in. I promise I’ll try and be more regular with posts! T_T


Another Unfortunate Hiatus

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Hey guys,

Every now and then, when there’s a big event like a holiday or wedding, family members gather and celebrate. In my case, my family decided to basically use Squatter’s Rights in my house. TL;DR- they’ve taken over the house and most of the rooms in it after having dropped in unannounced. I’m basically on the run from them and staying over at a friend’s house at the moment.

I honestly feel bad that I need to write these hiatus posts. I want to post a ton of new stuff. I brought my notepad, tablet, and laptop so hopefully Ill be able to post up something new too sometime. I wont be getting back home until possibly Wednesday. I’ll be sure to post whatever I can then.

Thanks a ton for your patience.